Welcome to ADP® Time & Attendance

Steps to Complete Before Your Training

Step 1

Confirm your login access to RUN Powered by ADP® (RUN), as well as the accuracy of both your pay frequency and pay period dates. For employees using web clocking, make sure they are registered in RUN and have Employee Access® enabled.

Step 2

Click your timeclock below for some instructions before you call. If you do not have a timeclock, proceed to Step 3.


300 Series

Step 3

At the time of your training, click the button below, call (855) 535-1283, Option 1, and an Implementation Specialist will provide you with a session key and help you to complete your training over the phone. You can click here for help setting up your screen sharing session.


Have questions about Employee Access® or registering your employees in RUN? Contact a RUN representative hereIf you have questions before your implementation, contact your sales representative. For training and throughout your implementation, contact the ADP Time & Attendance Implementation team at (855) 535-1283, Option 1.

What to Expect in the Next Few Weeks

1. Complete Your Training: Contact us to complete your training and to install your timeclock (if applicable)

2. Process Your First Payroll: Process your first payroll using ADP Time & Attendance. We're happy to assist, if needed.

3. Process Your Second Payroll: Process your second payroll using ADP Time & Attendance

4. Continued Support: The Implementation Team continues to provide ongoing support. Just call or email when you need assistance.

5. Transition to Service: The Client Service team provides ongoing next level support.

Helpful Resources

Employee Guides to help them get started, Administration Guides on using ADP Time & Attendance, Processing Payroll step by step instructions, and Walkthrough Videos are all available on the ADP Time & Attendance Support Center: