Step 4: Gather Information

Once you have identified which forms you need to file, gather the information necessary to complete them. Depending on your situation, this may include, but is not limited to:

  • Employee’s name, SSN, and address;
  • Employer’s name, EIN, telephone number, and address;
  • For each month, whether coverage was offered and to whom it was offered (e.g., employee only; employee and dependents);
  • The employee’s share of the monthly premium for the lowest cost self-only coverage;
  • Each covered individual’s (including the employee and his or her spouse and/or dependents) name, SSN or date of birth (if SSN is unavailable), and the months he or she was covered by the plan for at least one day.

To access the forms and instructions, click on the links below:



To help you complete the forms, RUN Powered by ADP® (RUN) has an export tool that provides you with your employees’ demographic information. Sign in to RUN and use the export tool to start gathering relevant employee information. Pull the data again if you have a new hire or make any changes to employee information before the filing deadline. Note: You will need to work with your insurance carrier or benefits administrator to obtain the health coverage information needed to complete the remainder of the forms.

For a list of vendors that may be able to help you complete your ACA forms, click here.

Proceed to Step 5 for guidelines on how to communicate with your employees about the new forms.


Rev. 10/18