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6 Must-Read Tips from 2019

In case you missed them, we gathered six of our most popular Tips from 2019. From things you should never say to your employees to popular employee benefits, here are six must-read Tips.

1 Things You Should Never Say to Your Employees

What you say to your employees can have a significant impact on morale and productivity. And if you're not careful, certain rules may even violate the law. In this Tip, we address seemingly harmless comments that could have a negative impact on your business.

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2 4 Warning Signs an Employee Plans to Quit—and What to Do About It

Employees who plan to leave their jobs might give clues that they're unhappy. But, the strongest indicators aren’t always the most obvious ones. In this Tip, we address four warning signs that an employee could leave and what you can do about it.

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3 Never Do This When Terminating an Employee

Ending an employment relationship is an inevitable part of running a business and requires special care. In this Tip, we address some statements and actions to avoid when terminating an employee.

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4 11 Interview Questions that Can Land You in Hot Water

Employers should avoid interview questions that may reveal an applicant's age, race, religion, or other protected characteristic, no matter how harmless the question may seem. In this Tip, we provide 11 questions to avoid, along with some suggested alternatives.

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5 5 Seemingly 'Great' Ideas that Could Backfire

Employers are always looking for better ways to hire, pay, motivate, and manage their employees. While some ideas can seem great in theory, in practice, they may backfire. In this Tip, we provide five examples.

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6 9 Popular Employee Benefits: Are They Right for You?

Employee benefits can help you demonstrate your commitment to employees and attract and retain top talent. To remain competitive in the market, employers have come up with innovative perks to compete for talent. In this Tip, we provide nine popular employee benefits to consider.

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