Purchasing Deputy


Estimated Time to Complete: 20 Minutes

1. Log in to https://runpayroll.adp.com

2. Click HR & Business Apps.



3. Click ADP Marketplace (sometimes Get My Free Apps).

Image 1-2

4. In the search bar, type Deputy and hit Enter.

Image 1-3

5. Find Deputy for RUN powered by ADP and click View Profile.

Image 1-4

6. On the Deputy profile page click Buy Now.

Image 1-5

7. On the Create Order page click Continue.

Image 1-6

8. On the Confirm Order page, check the box to acknowledge the terms and click Place Order.

Image 1-7

9. On the Order Reciept, click Go To MyApps.

Image 1-8

10. You can now access Deputy by clicking the Deputy Icon on the Applications page.

Image 1-9

11. You've purchased Deputy, click Next to do the quick setup and get started.


Step 3: Help & Support